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Old Town Oktoberfest

Joing the biggest party in the world this October and taste the finest of the finest beers of oldest beer houses. Let the festival begin!

Welcome To Old Town Oktoberfest

We invite you to the biggest beer festival in the world. You cannot miss the fun and games through the days and a chance to drink the home brewed beer of the best beer makers in the world. Keep your mug clean to pour some beer on every street in old town Oktoberfest.



Witness one of the biggest carnivals from around the world. Get involved in the traditional fun games and win yourself some more beer.

Dancing Festival

Enjoy the cultural richness of the town of Germany with music and dance events.

Live Music

Get going on the street and visit the best bars in the town playing the traditional classics.

Style Beer

Meet the makers of the best beers in the world and the taste of all kinds of music.

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"...I had the best time of my life in Oktoberfest. With the old town, I found the best accommodation and tour around the town to not miss a single event....."
Carol C. Zane
"...It was a once in a life time experience, but gladly I can travel back again this Oktober!..."
Avis R. Butler

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Food and Drink

We do our best to select the best food and German style beers for you to enjoy during Old Town Oktoberfest. Check out our selection below!

Rotating Tap

The classic tap serves at all the bars and stalls. Get lost in the heavens as we bring you the best beers from Oktoberfest.

Food Vendors

Enjoy the local delicacies and the street food filled with spices and meat. Get on the train of a mouthwatering journey.

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10 german foods you must try in germany

German has a lot of traditional cuisines that many people have not heard much about. These foods are some of the best when it come to bringing in tradition and comfort in a plate. German is very versatile when it comes to food as different regions have different dishes to showcase.


This is a completely vegetarian traditional egg noodles. It is a pasta which is made out of eggs, flour, salt and sparkling water. Germans have been known to use beer to make their food taste great. Swabian’s call it the German Pasta which is generally served with a side of meat and is generally served with heaps of cheese.



This is fondly called the German Barbeque which differs from area to area. This is one pork sausage which is grilled on both the sides and is added on the bun with ketchup and mustard. This is one of the best when you can easily indulge yourself in a German Barbeque party.


This is another sausage dish which is Berlin Original invented in the year 1949. This is another pork sausage which is stuffed in a ‘darm’. This sausage is cut into thin slices and later the sausage is covered in the ketchup and spices. This delicious traditional dish is generally served with a side of french fries and plain white bread.


This is an everyday German food which people have at least one time a day. This is one of the excellent way of getting the right kind of proteins. All you have to do is slice up some boiled potatoes and slice them thinly and fry them in a pan to make they are crispy. You can also add bacon and onions to enhance the taste. Bratkartoffeln is traditionally given as a side to the meaty dishes.


Sauerbraten is a dish which is usually served when you visit the grandparents house and on special occasions. To prepare this dish all you have to do is find a high quality piece of beef which requires a lot of time to cook. The meat is put in the oven and cooked slow to make sure that the meat marinates in its own juices to become incredible smooth and tender. A flavourful dish which can make any mouth water.


It is said that Maultaschen is a dish which the monks used to eat. This is their was of sneaking in some meat without getting caught in the eyes of god. This is a Swabian Dish which is just amazingly tasty and can be boiled or fried with things like pork, beef and other vegetables as the main element of the dish.



Traditional german folk dances you should know about

Every country has its own traditional dance form and Germany is no exception. Germany has dance forms with all the quirky outfits complete with high ribbons and bows. Germany is known to be responsible for some of the best dance routines that we know today. If you are in German one of the best things to do is to make sure that you get to learn German Folk dance which is an experience. The traditional dances that are mentions can also be traced back to Neolithic era.


This is a dance which is from Bavaria. Zwiefacher means twice or double the times. This has nothing to do with dance but is considered to be the dance alternatives which occurs between the 3/4 and 2/4 meter. There are many speculations still as dancing close to each other was considered to be taboo at the time.

 Expressionist Dance

Expressionist dance became famous in Germany during the Weimar period. Mary Wigman is known to be the pioneer in this movement where she moved with Rudolf von Laban. This is a type of dance where the dancers understood the metaphysical experiences. When Wigman visited USA the expressionist dance influenced the dance form of USA at the time. Later by the 30s, this form was considered illegal as was seen as anti nationalistic.


This is one dance form where the dancers are standing in circles and repeating the hitting of their soles of their shoes. This is one of the oldest dance routines in the world which can be dated back to 3000 BC and was recorded in Bavaria. This was a dance form where men were lederhosen and wore suspended grey, green and white socks and danced.

 Der Deutsche

This was a couple dance form where they would dance in circles in 3/4 or 3/8 meters. This is said to be the primitive version of the most famous dance form today the Waltz.

 The Landler

This is one dance form which has a lot t do with yodelling. The Landler had a strong influence in the german music which has seen in the composers like Beethoven and Schubert. The traditional dance involves couples which can help you turn the arm back and forth with a lot of spinning. This was the dance form of the peasants which later found its way into the high society.

 The Waltz

When it comes to German dance form nothing is complete without Waltz. This is one dance form which has a lot of roll, turn and glide. Waltz was known to have been originated in Austria and Bavaria and quickly reached the high societies. At the time there were many who criticised the dance form for dancing so close to someone but later as people started to accept it more and more the dance form stayed.


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