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Old Town Oktoberfest

Joing the biggest party in the world this October and taste the finest of the finest beers of oldest beer houses. Let the festival begin!

Welcome To Old Town Oktoberfest

We invite you to the biggest beer festival in the world. You cannot miss the fun and games through the days and a chance to drink the home brewed beer of the best beer makers in the world. Keep your mug clean to pour some beer on every street in old town Oktoberfest.



Witness one of the biggest carnivals from around the world. Get involved in the traditional fun games and win yourself some more beer.

Dancing Festival

Enjoy the cultural richness of the town of Germany with music and dance events.

Live Music

Get going on the street and visit the best bars in the town playing the traditional classics.

Style Beer

Meet the makers of the best beers in the world and the taste of all kinds of music.

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Customer Reviews

Read what the previous tourists had to say.

"...I had the best time of my life in Oktoberfest. With the old town, I found the best accommodation and tour around the town to not miss a single event....."
Carol C. Zane
"...It was a once in a life time experience, but gladly I can travel back again this Oktober!..."
Avis R. Butler

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Food and Drink

We do our best to select the best food and German style beers for you to enjoy during Old Town Oktoberfest. Check out our selection below!

Rotating Tap

The classic tap serves at all the bars and stalls. Get lost in the heavens as we bring you the best beers from Oktoberfest.

Food Vendors

Enjoy the local delicacies and the street food filled with spices and meat. Get on the train of a mouthwatering journey.

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How to choose the best online casino

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There are many things that you should consider when you are choosing an online site for playing casino. Even though you have many options online, do not think that every company can be trusted. There are a lot of fake ones along with the most trusted and reliable sites for gambling in casino online Malaysia.

Let’s look into a step by step process through which you can end up picking the best online site for gambling with real money. You need to think critically and make right decisions when you are choosing online casino.

Be clear on your goals and requirements

Before you start searching for an online casino, you should be very clear on your needs and expectations. You should be clear on your hopes and expectations from the site as well as from casino experience. You may be interested in playing blackjack or you may be looking for some other games.

Find answers to your questions and make a list of requirements. This will help in choosing the right casino. If you are looking for a betting site or want to play poker, then you need to search and pick the right site for these.

Reading online guides about gambling

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Cash-out policies

Cash-out policies

When you are playing with real money, you need to look for a casino site that offers the best cash-out options. The gambling site should provide best payment methods and withdrawal options. This will help in easy cash-outs and best experience.

Check for license

Even though some casinos are trustworthy and reliable, they may not have a license. It is very important to check for the license and registration of the gambling site you choose to pay.

Read a few reviews

As said earlier, it is very important to know what others are telling about the site. When you read the reviews and feedback from real players, it becomes easy to choose the site. Even though you choose a popular casino site, you need to hear from real players. There many sites that provide you with best reviews and list of casino sites that you can trust.

Bottom line

Overall, you need to spend some time and effort before you finalize on the gambling site. There are many things you need to understand before you pick a site and invest real money.


The List of Best Poker Players In The World

Poker player

Poker is a game which has turned the lives of people around in one night. There are players who tool home millions of dollars by participating in a tournament with minimum money. Several players have mastered the game and have made their names in the world of poker, but there are a few who gained more popularity than the others due to their skill level and mastery over the 4d dragon game. Here is a list of the top poker players in the world (In no particular order).

Daniel Negreanu

Considered a legend among poker fans, Daniel Negreany is a master in the game and is also known as “Kid Poker”. He is considered to be born for the game and has an experience lotto 4d result of more than 20 years. He holds the record for the biggest live tournament poker win of all time and has earned more than 33 million dollars combined in all tournaments. His mastery in the game has often revealed the cards of other players even before the show which makes him the wizard teller of poker.

Antonio Esfandiari

Also known as “the Magician”, Antonion is a television poker celebrity who has been playing for almost two decades now. He has participated in big and small tournaments just to have fun and has won more than 28 million dollars. He is also known for winning the second most significant hand of 18.3 million dollars after Daniel Negreanu.

Daniel Colman

Daniel Colman

At the age of 27, this young player has won over 29 million dollars on poker tournaments. He has the reputation of defeating the biggest players in their game, like Antonio himself. He won more than 15.3 million dollars in that round. Although he has played in live tournaments, he prefers to be known as his online gaming name “megreen13”. He also trains other players in poker on online platforms jdl688.

Phil Hellmuth

Phil is one of the oldest dogs to still be active on poker tables. He holds the records for the maximum tournament wins with the first tournament won in 1989. He has been a professional poker player for more than 30 years now. He has won over 22 million dollars playing live on poker tournaments. He is a legend who is known for his unique personality, and everytime he sits on a table, he is greeted with respect by other players.

Phil Ivey Smiles

Phil Ivey

Phil has a history of being loved and hated by poker fans for his decisions at the table. He is known as the best all-round poker players in the world. He is feared and hated even by his opponents because his gaming strategies leave the opponents trapped and irritated. People also know him as “Tiger Woods of Poker”. He has a net worth of more than a hundred million dollars, but once got sued for 10 million dollars after being accused of cheating in a game.

10 german foods you must try in germany

German has a lot of traditional cuisines that many people have not heard much about 荷爾蒙失調症狀. These foods are some of the best when it come to bringing in tradition and comfort in a plate. German is very versatile when it comes to food as different regions have different dishes to showcase, https://www.facebook.com/Eplusgroup/.


This is a completely vegetarian traditional egg noodles. It is a pasta which is made out of eggs, flour, salt and sparkling water. Germans have been known to use beer to make their food taste great. Swabian’s call it the German Pasta which is generally served with a side of meat and is generally served with heaps of cheese.



This is fondly called the German Barbeque which differs from area to area. This is one pork sausage which is grilled on both the sides and is added on the bun with ketchup and mustard. This is one of the best when you can easily indulge yourself in a German Barbeque party.


This is another sausage dish which is Berlin Original invented in the year 1949. This is another pork sausage which is stuffed in a ‘darm’. This sausage is cut into thin slices and later the sausage is covered in the ketchup and spices. This delicious traditional dish is generally served with a side of french fries and plain white bread.


This is an everyday German food which people have at least one time a day. This is one of the excellent way of getting the right kind of proteins. All you have to do is slice up some boiled potatoes and slice them thinly and fry them in a pan to make they are crispy. You can also add bacon and onions to enhance the taste. Bratkartoffeln is traditionally given as a side to the meaty dishes.


Sauerbraten is a dish which is usually served when you visit the grandparents house and on special occasions. To prepare this dish all you have to do is find a high quality piece of beef which requires a lot of time to cook. The meat is put in the oven and cooked slow to make sure that the meat marinates in its own juices to become incredible smooth and tender. A flavourful dish which can make any mouth water.


It is said that Maultaschen is a dish which the monks used to eat. This is their was of sneaking in some meat without getting caught in the eyes of god. This is a Swabian Dish which is just amazingly tasty and can be boiled or fried with things like pork, beef and other vegetables as the main element of the dish.



The Do’s And Don’ts Of Casino

Do and Dont

If you are beginners and want to start going to casinos 711kelab there are certain things that you can do and not do in a casino. These rules can be subtle but is necessary to make sure that you are aware of them before your first visit which can spare you the side eye of the dealer.

Learn to tip

Showing some gratitude towards the dealer can be a good option before you leave the table. This tip does not have to be big but a small one. This is especially important when you are winning big. Try to make sure that you can give around $5/$10.


Keep your outburst to yourself

Casino games are some of the most friendly and entertaining where both the parties can enjoy the other players. When you lose try to not blame the dealer or others in the game. This will instantly put you down in front of all the dealer and the players. Try to make sure that you are well behaved with everyone inside the casino.

Handling Chips

When you are getting a different coloured chip in the Roulette table. The reason for this is to make sure that your chips are not confused the others. Try to remember you colour and this can help you bet right. Try to make sure that you can ask the dealer to help if you need it. This is one way that you wont bet on the wrong chip. Another tip to keep in mind is never move or remove chip during pinning time. The croupier will make sure that you are on top if you win. It is your job to remove chips if you do not want to go more ahead.

Cashing out

Roulette chips are specially coloured to make sure that you have the right cash to play before you leave the table. If you want to cash out it is your responsibility to make sure that you indicate the croupier about you leaving and go to other games if you need to.


Listen to the dealer

If the roulette croupier tells that there are no more bets, listen and respect. There are many like you who are trying to play. You can wait for the next round and watch the action taking place before you join in on the table. This is the rule of thumb to listen when you are listening to the dealer as the play progresses.

Buying chips

This is one of the easiest mistakes one can make. Try to make sure that when you are sitting down on the table watch the game first. This can give you an idea about the minimum and the maximum bets of each bets which can differ. There is also a clear display on the boards which can make sure that you know what you are dealing with.

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