If you are beginners and want to start going to casinos 711kelab there are certain things that you can do and not do in a casino. These rules can be subtle but is necessary to make sure that you are aware of them before your first visit which can spare you the side eye of the dealer.

Learn to tip

Showing some gratitude towards the dealer can be a good option before you leave the table. This tip does not have to be big but a small one. This is especially important when you are winning big. Try to make sure that you can give around $5/$10.


Keep your outburst to yourself

Casino games are some of the most friendly and entertaining where both the parties can enjoy the other players. When you lose try to not blame the dealer or others in the game. This will instantly put you down in front of all the dealer and the players. Try to make sure that you are well behaved with everyone inside the casino.

Handling Chips

When you are getting a different coloured chip in the Roulette table. The reason for this is to make sure that your chips are not confused the others. Try to remember you colour and this can help you bet right. Try to make sure that you can ask the dealer to help if you need it. This is one way that you wont bet on the wrong chip. Another tip to keep in mind is never move or remove chip during pinning time. The croupier will make sure that you are on top if you win. It is your job to remove chips if you do not want to go more ahead.

Cashing out

Roulette chips are specially coloured to make sure that you have the right cash to play before you leave the table. If you want to cash out it is your responsibility to make sure that you indicate the croupier about you leaving and go to other games if you need to.


Listen to the dealer

If the roulette croupier tells that there are no more bets, listen and respect. There are many like you who are trying to play. You can wait for the next round and watch the action taking place before you join in on the table. This is the rule of thumb to listen when you are listening to the dealer as the play progresses.

Buying chips

This is one of the easiest mistakes one can make. Try to make sure that when you are sitting down on the table watch the game first. This can give you an idea about the minimum and the maximum bets of each bets which can differ. There is also a clear display on the boards which can make sure that you know what you are dealing with.

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